Review: Chris Turner – Pretty Fly


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Posted By Daisy Freeburn @ Saturday, 01 March 2014 11:19 AM

Review: Chris Turner – Pretty Fly

Words: Emma Doherty

Chris Turner is a comedian who, in more misguided and optimistic times, graduated from Oxford with a combined Archaeology/Anthropology degree. He found it easier to get work as a comedian. Chris is polite and has lovely manners with his audience, and he also happens to have an all-consuming passion for rap music, as well as all the bitches and hoes that entails. He’s a musicologist of sorts, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of rap music. Chris also incorporates humorous yet educational archaeological facts into his routine at times, so I guess there was a purpose to his degree after all. He also tells us pun-laden stories about his childhood and young adulthood.

I suppose here it would be prudent to discuss the pun usage in this show. Chris Turner relies heavily on them, and though they are delivered with a knowingly ironic wink, I wish he didn’t rely on them to the extent that he does. Chris’ rapid fire wordplay really plays to his advantage when it comes to his freestyle rapping, which is easily the highlight of the show. Whilst he is probably never going to be the next Kanye, he’s quick on his feet and the rap felt like a breath of comedic fresh air.

Even if you are an embittered person like me who does not like puns, or you don’t know the slightest thing about rap, you will still find plenty to enjoy about this show. Chris is so charmingly self-deprecating and an undeniably hilarious freestyle rapper that you can’t help but warm to him.

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