Adelaide University Whitlam Club [Join/Renew]

This club is not affiliated with The Adelaide University Union

About Us

Named after the father of free education and unforgettable advocate for social justice causes, the Adelaide University Whitlam Club aims to gather students who are passionate about issues like student welfare and quality and accessible higher education, and take action on these as well as participate in trade union campaigns to protect workers' rights.

The club has a focus on critical involvement with the Australian Labor Party. We want to see the party pursue more progressive policies, such as a more humane treatment of asylum seekers. We encourage critical involvement with the Labor Party by supporting progressive MPs and candidates, and questioning and agitating for change on ALP policies which might fall short of ensuring a fair society.

This is the club for any left-wing student with an interest in learning about and taking action on progressive issues both on and off campus, and seeing a fairer Labor Party and a fairer society.