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Adelaide University Cambodian Student Club

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About Us

Adelaide University Cambodian Student Club (UoA-CSC) will represents Cambodian students and alumni residing in the University of Adelaide (UoA), The University of South Australia and The Flinders University. UoA-CSC was established as a platform for Cambodian students and alumni to share interests, engage one another and promoting Cambodian culture and traditions.

Even with the small number of members of approximately in around a 100s across 3 major universities in South Australia, UoA-CSC has managed to garner tremendous interaction and engagement between our members on the university stage. What set UoA-CSC apart from other national student organisation is lied in our members. Our members are made up of not only students, but also alumni who currently reside and work in the Adelaide after finished their respective degrees.

Our support will assist students and share knowledge and experiences regarding housing, food, shopping and courses who are studying in South Australia.

Club Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Wathnak Vy, FL HEL AIMe