Student Experience Director 2018 - Application

The Student Experience Director Programme is an opportunity to work within the Union's Events and
Marketing departments to actively shape the campus culture at the University of Adelaide.

This hands-on role will become a valuable asset to your CV as it demonstrates a high level of initiative, responsibility and a broad range of sought after skills.

If you're looking to expand your networks, build your CV or immerse yourself in campus life, this programme is for you.

Directors must be current students at the University of Adelaide and members of the Adelaide University Union.The position requires Directors to commit to a 10 month period including fortnightly meetings, and assistance with relevant Union events.

Please do not feel compelled to answer in paragraphs, short sentences or dot points are acceptable.

Applications close at 5pm on October 30.

If you have any queries regarding the position, please contact

Click here to download a full programme description

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