Review: Gaypocalypse


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Posted By Sharmonie Cockayne @ Thursday, 06 March 2014 02:15 PM

Review: Gaypocalypse
Words: Max Cooper
Gaypocalypse is the grand return of Adam Richard to the Fringe- his first show back since 2009.

Gaypocalypse is a filthy, funny, gay old show. I genuinely mean all of that, so if you're easily put off by jokes of a less than proper nature, you probably shouldn't. If you arent- great! He happily pokes fun at lesbians and 'poofters' with boatloads of energy and enthusiasm.
In terms of content, Richard addresses the issue of marriage equality quite a lot, and despite his fabulous delivery, this could drag at times. Despite this, the show covers a range of other parts of his life, such as his personal opinions regarding national politics, gay culture, and The Walking Dead.

Personally, I loved the moments where Richard got quite filthy in his humour, as he does raunchy humour incredibly well. And as I have said, the show does get incredibly raunchy, especially considering it started not long after 7.

I was doubled over with laughter more than once, and I and my fellow audience members were cackling all through the show. Even when jokes didn't quite hit the mark for me personally, Richard's delivery was faultless almost to a point, and the love he has for standup and performance was infectious.

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