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Adelaide Medical Students' Society

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About Us

The Adelaide Medical Students’ Society (AMSS) is the representative organisation for medical students at the University of Adelaide. Currently the Society represents over 900 full-time medical students from all six year levels of the undergraduate course. The AMSS is proud to provide these students with a myriad of activities which fall beneath six pillars: representation, education, recreation, health and wellbeing, philanthropy and membership. The AMSS is incredibly active and has a rich culture, and it is recognised as being amongst the very best medical student societies in Australia.
The vibrant AMSS culture and the aims of the Society can be summarised by its motto, “Traditio, Spiritus, Gaudium” – Tradition, Spirit, Good Times. We try to keep this in mind as much as possible – after all, that is what Med School is about!
Our website ( is the best place to sign up as a member, purchase tickets to our events, read more about educational issues facing medical students and check out photos from our events.