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About Us

Membership is bought during O'Week or at AUES events. Clicking 'JOIN' will not enlist you to the society.

The Adelaide University Engineering Society (AUES) strives to serve the interests of both engineering and non-engineering students alike by providing them with fantastic events. As the largest non-compulsory club on campus, the highlight of the AUES year is the annual Pub Crawl, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere with over 5,000 in attendance.

Four BBQs are run per year where members are provided with unlimited free snags, salads, soft drink, punch and beer! For those who like their drinking in a more formal setting, there is also an annual Quiz Night and Cocktail Night.

For those who worry about our educational value, the AUES provides a wildly popular Careers Night, as well as mock interviews.

The AUES also has a great website at Here you can learn about the AUES and its origins, become a member of the mailing list, browse through photos from past events, read the annual yearbook and much more!