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On Dit Editors

Embed an online edition of On Dit on the AUU website

1. Log in at with your On Dit username and password

2. Go to Publisher Tools > Embed (from the dropdown menu to the right of the current issue)

3. Under the Design your widget heading, change the width to 660 (px)

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Style or Update Default.

5. When the embed code has updated and you can see style="width:660px.." select the code and copy (E.g right click + Copy)

6. Log in to the AUU website at

7. Go to System Settings > Widgets


8. Enter 21 into the Widget ID field and then [Edit] next to Latest On Dit Edition ISSUU Embed Code

9. Select all of the existing content in the Code field and delete it. Then paste (right click + Paste) the new embed code (copied in step 5) into the box. Click Save.

10.Navigate to to check the results.

11. Having problems? Contact the Website Manager at