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On Dit Editors

Adding an online article (blog post)

1. Log in to the AUU website at

2. Go to Blog > Manage Entries

3. Click [Add a New Entry] at the top of the page

4. The blog post (detail) dialog appears (refer to screenshot below)

(a) The title of the post (article)
(b) The 'body' or content of the article
(c) Tags associated with the article : add multiple tags by separating them with a comma. Tags which have been used previously will be suggested as you type
(d) Enable Facebook comments at the bottom of the article on the AUU website
(e) Change the status of the post from 'Draft' to 'Published' when you want it to appear on the AUU website.

6.Navigate to and hit 'Refresh' on your browser to check the results.

11. Having problems? Contact the Website Manager at