Website Help
Student Radio Directors

Editing the Student Radio webpage

1. Log in to the AUU website at

2. Go to Content Pages

3. From the list of pages, go to Student Radio (Content ID 100) and click [Edit]

4. When the page appears, click on the full screen icon for easier editing

5. Edit the page using the 'WYSIWYG" (What you see if what you get) editor, similarly to a Word or other word processing document or click 'Source' if you are familiar with HTML.

Important notes : 
(a) Please do not edit the far right column. This column contains the Facebook feed code and a link to live audio streaming.
(b) Please do not attempt to add meta data, javascript or coding language other than HTML to the source code.
(c) If in doubt, please contact the AUU website manager at or by calling the office.

6. Exit fullscreen mode by clicking the 'fullscreen' button again (see #4) and click Save.

7. Navigate to and hit 'Refresh' on your browser to check the results.

11. Having problems? Contact the Website Manager at