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Editing Meetings and Minutes

Editing content pages and uploading AUU Board papers and minutes

This tutorial is for adding new meeting dates, papers and minutes to the AUU Board Meetings page, but these instructions can also be applied to other, similar content around the AUU website. This tutorial will give you a basic understanding of how to add and edit the content of web pages which need to be updated regularly (e.g. meetings or programs lists).

1.Login to the AUU website at

2. Select Content Pages from the Core System menu

3.Scroll down to and find page "Board Meetings". Click on [Edit] to the right of the page title

4. Click on 'Maximise' to make editing easier

5. Edit on-page text content as you would a MS Word or other word processing document

6. To add a a downloadable PDF or Word document link to the page, enter your link text (e.g "Papers"). Hilight the text and click on the link button.

7. Select the Upload tab, click Choose File to select the file from your hard drive and then Send to Server to upload the document. Click OK to finish and close the dialog box.

8. Your hi-lighted text (e.g. "Papers") should now be linked to your document.

9. Click Save to save the page.