Band Comp 2017

Compete against other Adelaide Uni Bands and take out the campus crown and over $500 worth of prizes.
To register complete the form below and ensure you have a minimum of one UofA student in your band.

Heat dates
Tuesday 15 August/ Wednesday 16 August / Thursday 17 August

Friday 18 August

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1. Band Name*

2. Genre*

3. Number of band members *

4. UofA student Name*

You must have at least one UofA enrolled band member to enter in the competition.

5. UofA student ID*

Please write the student ID and bring the corresponding valid student ID card on the night.

6. Main contact person name*

Who would you like to be the main point of contact for the competition? We will need to correspond with them via email prior to the heats to confirm details.

7. Main contact person email*

8. Main contact person phone number*

9. Link to band facebook*

10. How did you find out about band comp*

11. Do you have any band members under the age of 18*

12. Will you be supplying any of your own equipment? *

Bands are not permitted to use their own backline. Backline will be provided and will include drum kit, bass amp and cab and guitar amp and cab. If any additional backline is required that your band will be providing please list.

13. Are you signed to a label/record contract?*

If so, please list.

14. Please attach band promo image (optional)

15. Please attach stage plot*

Please outline where on stage each member stands. This will assist the sound tech and event manager on the night.

16. Notes for sound tech *

Do you have any notes for the sound tech.
We try to keep the competition fair across the board but if there is something you need to note please do so below and we will take it into consideration.

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