Our Team

Student Representatives

Ali Amin

SRC President

Oscar Zi Shao Ong

AUU President


Phone : (08)8313 5401
Email : auu@adelaide.edu.au

Gary Sutherland
North Terrace

Executive Officer

Kathryn Howes
North Terrace

Finance and Commercial Manager

Summa Gilbert
North Terrace

Human Resources and Administration Manager

Kathy Kyriakidis
North Terrace

Finance and Payroll Officer

Kim Fereday
North Terrace

Office Coordinator

Tracey Granger



Email : marketing@auu.org.au

Kearin Hausler
North Terrace

Marketing and Communications Manager

Sophie Siciliano
North Terrace

Marketing Coordinator

Ben Drogemuller
North Terrace

Marketing and Communication Officer

John Hargreaves
North Terrace

Graphic Designer


Phone : events@auu.org.au

Tiahna Thiele
North Terrace

Event Manager

Anna Wockner
North Terrace

Event Officer

Alyssa Mason
North Terrace

Events Officer

Anna Osadcha
North Terrace

Event Assistant

Employment Services & Volunteering

Phone : (08)8313 4406
Email : employment@auu.org.au

Nooria Muradi
North Terrace

Employment Services Assistant


Phone : (08)8313 5760
Email : clubsadmin@auu.org.au

Caprichsia Winkler
North Terrace

Clubs Coordinator

Student Care

Phone : (08)8313 5430
Email : studentcare@adelaide.edu.au

Terri Finn
North Terrace

Senior Education and Welfare Officer

Ann Madigan
North Terrace

Student Care Manager, Education and Welfare Officer

Jo Porter
North Terrace

Education and Welfare Officer

Andrew Hickey
North Terrace

Education and Welfare Officer

Student Representative Council

Phone : (08)8313 0473
Email : src@auu.org.au

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