Student Services Amenities Fees

The Adelaide University Union receives the majority of its funding from the University of Adelaide as part of a SSAF funding agreement.

Prior to this, the Union collected amenities fees directly from students enrolling at the University and controlled its own funds and how they would be spent. The passing of Voluntary Student Union legislation in 2006 ended this, and massively reduced the amount of funds available for student unions to operate.

In 2011, the Federal Government passed new legislation to allow the University to collect its own Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF), and the Government has stipulated the types of things the SSAF can be spent on – which are mostly the kinds of things we want to do anyway (phew!). The University has allowed the Union to apply for some of the SSAF money to expand our services; they have also opted to provide all of our base funding from the SSAF at present.

Each year, the Union must apply to the University to receive monies from the SSAF. Adelaide University Sport also receives SSAF money, and the University keeps some to fund its own student services and amenities.

In 2020, the Union will receive $2.345M or 35% of the expected SSAF money collected by the University. We report to the University about how the money is spent and must perform against specific Key Performance Indicators in areas of service delivery.

We use the SSAF money to deliver core services like student welfare, academic advocacy, events, clubs administration, prayer rooms, women's and queer rooms, On Dit and Student Radio, employment services, student representation and more. Each year we do our own survey of students to find out how students are accessing our services and what their needs are – but we are always interested to hear more.

Please email us at with your thoughts or to ask any questions.

To find out more about how the University is spending your SSAF visit their website.