Changes at Waite

Changes at Waite

Changes at Waite

Postgraduate Association for Waite Students

Posted on 05-Feb-2018 by PAWS

Hi Postgrads,

A few changes are taking place at the Waite Campus and we would like to keep you in the loop. Last Thurday (29/01/18), PAWS and the AFW Student representative had a meeting with two AUU staff to talk about the shifting of the permanent AUU office at the Waite Campus to a student representative model. Below, we have summarized a few points that were discussed.

1) The AUU shop was closed due to the new budget cuts. It was not possible to keep a full-time employee in a vacant store since the Waite Campus is seen as not active enough. As an example, last year an event called "Field Trip" was planned at the Waite Campus but only 12 tickets were sold. The event had to be reallocated to the North Terrace Campus as there was not enough interest to cover the costs.

2) Online and digital access will be improved with a touchscreen kiosk available for bookings, information and general enquiries with options to speak to an AUU staff member.

3) University clothing and course supplies will be available for purchasing online as well as at the University kiosk that will be installed at the Waite hub. Any ordered items will be delivered to the Waite Camous within 24 hours. Samples of clothing will be available at the Waite during all times for people to try on.

4) There will be a machine to recharge MetroCard's at the Waite hub.

5) There will be extra food and drink machines. The AUU is planning to upgrade the ones we have at the moment so that they accept card (not only cash). New food machines will include things such as instant noodles, etc.

6) The student representative will be from the Waite Campus and available once a week or during a few hours per day (To be decided).

7) The time frame for these changes to take place is early March (Before the O'Day). However, approvals from the University can make the process slower.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you in advance!

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