Holi Battle 2018 - Tickets

Holi Battle 2018 - Tickets

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Holi Battle 2018 - Tickets

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Holi Battle 2018 - Tickets

We, ADELAIDE INDIAN STUDENTS' SOCIETY, are excited to announce that our first major event for the year in association with INDIAN STUDENTS ASSEMBLY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA, The HOLI BATTLE 2018, is just around the corner. The colourful festival of Holi is a widely celebrated Indian occassion that traditionally commemorates the sharing of love and hope for a good spring harvest.

THIS IS THE BEST HOLI FESTIVAL IN ADELAIDE! So put aside all your worries, and come join us for a fun day of colour and culture. Let the colours of Holi bring us closer together. This event is organized to deliver the full essence of Holi. You will have access to over 6 different colors (100% organic and pose no health risk if ingested) and in the true Indian spirit, Bollywood music will be played throughout the entirety of the event by the best DJ in town!

DJ will be playing a variety of music which will range from but not be limited to a mix of Bollywood, South Indian, English and lastly Punjabi music! 

TICKETS ARE $10 (Includes free color)
or Contact 0452 429 290

Like us on Facebook ADELAIDE INDIAN STUDENTS’ SOCIETY to stay updated about the event. Any further queries can be resolved by dropping us a message on our Facebook page or contact us through email at indian@clubs.auu.org.au

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