BBQ Hire Request

BBQ Hire

BBQ Hire (each)
Delivery (9am - 5pm, weekdays)
Delivery (after 5pm, weekdays)
Delivery (weekends)
Form must be completed and payment made at least five (5) business days before the event.

To hire a BBQ for an on-campus event, please complete this form.

Hire includes gas. BBQs will be delivered as close to the location of your event as possible, and collected at the end of the event. 

When collected following the event, BBQs must be as clean as possible.


Terms of Hire 

1. Care of equipment

Equipment can only be used, transported, and stored in a careful and proper manner.

2. Cleaning

Equipment will be thoroughly cleaned after use and restored to the same condition as when it arrived.

3. Restrictions on Use

The club and its members shall not:

  • permit the equipment to be used by any person who is not authorized to use such equipment,
  • operate or use the equipment or permit it to be operated or used in violation of law, or;
  • operate, use, maintain or store the equipment in a manner likely to cause damage to the equipment.

4. Loss or Damage

The club shall alert the Union of any damage to the equipment.The club shall be responsible for any loss or damage to equipment, other than that arising from normal wear and tear.

5. Return of Equipment

The club shall return equipment on the date and time specified in the booking, and at a location specified by the supplier.

6. Consequences of breach

Should the terms of this agreement be breached or the equipment not returned as agreed, the Union reserves the right to take any action necessary to regain possession of the equipment, to charge additional fees, and/or to prohibit the club from any future hire of the equipment.

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