Central Asian Society in Adelaide

Central Asian Society in Adelaide

Central Asian Society in Adelaide

Central Asian Students' Network in Adelaide

The club is intended to bring together students and researchers from the University of Adelaide and people outside of the University of Adelaide who is from one of the Central Asian countries, or whose research is on Central Asia, as well as those who are interested to learn about this region. The region Central Asia is considered as five countries Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Extension of the club by including Caucasus countries can be considered in the future.

The aims of the club are:

Settle-in: welcome events for new students and some advisory help to newcomers to settle in and enjoy Australia

Get together: social events, including a celebration of the main festivals for the Central Asian countries, e.g. Nowruz - traditional "New Year"

Promote: organize various events to promote Central Asian culture in Australia, e.g. thematic night gathering dedicate to one of the Central Asian countries, or invite some established researchers who work on Central Asia to give a talk

Connect and collaborate: for students (any level) who work on research projects on Central Asia to exchange their research ideas, findings, data sharing and other activities. In the future, participate in grant applications for the projects, establish connections between Central Asian and Australian universities to run joint research projects, as well as with other Central Asian clubs in the world.

Club membership cost is $5 AUD for one year or $30 AUD for life-long membership. All the money should go on the organization of the events and other needs of the club. The club is not-for-profit.

The inaugural meeting of the club will take place in mid-September, the exact date to be confirmed.

Currently several positions within the club are still available: such as treasurer, secretary, event manager and other.Volunteers are welcome.

Since this is a very early stage of the club, recommendations and suggestions on how it could be improved are welcome.

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Central Asian Society in Adelaide