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Clubs grants exist to help enrich and support campus life. Grants are intended to be used by clubs who need the funding to interact with their member base.

The following guidelines are intended as a guide; to ensure consistent administration of grants to clubs. This is not an exhaustive list and the Clubs Committee has full discretion over all grant applications. 

The maximum grant allowed each year is as follows:

  • Registered clubs : total of $1500 of grant funding in any calendar year
  • Provisionally registered clubs : total of $800 of grant funding in any calendar year

Clubs grants are split into six different categories based on the purpose of funding. Clubs may apply for any number of grants in any category, provided the total grant allocation does not exceed the limits above.

The following are the grant categories along with their maximum allocation:
Purpose Maximum Allocation
Equipment and Resources $400
Small Event (under 200 attending) $500
Large Event (over 200 attending) $1000
Banners and Signage $300
New Club Start Up $300
Miscellaneous As Needed

A summary of how the grant money will be used, covering the event details (if relevant), actual quotes from where you are purchasing (or hiring, or a web quote) and costs must be provided on application prior to the event or any purchases being made. Quotes are generally not required for grants under $50.  Any printed material purchased with grant money, including business cards, banners etc, must display the Clubs logo. A proof of the material must be sent to for approval prior to printing.

Grants will not be provided retrospectively for costs already incurred or for the purchase of alcohol.

Read the full guidelines here:

Clubs Grant Guidelines

If you're not sure what a grant application might look like, take a look at this example. Otherwise, Clubs Administration staff are happy to explain how to put together an application.

Applications must be submitted by 12pm on the deadlines listed below in order to be considered during the subsequent assessment period. Events and/or purchases cannot take place before or while they are being assessed. Applications should be submitted as early as possible, and at least two weeks before an event.

Deadline for Applications
Applications for semester 2 open now

As long as your paperwork is in order, your application will go to the next Clubs Committee meeting for approval. Clubs will be notified about the outcome of their application within seven days of the meeting taking place.

Apply for a grant online via My Club