2018 AUU Elections Declaration of Results


The AUU Election Tribunal has released the declaration of results for the 2018 student elections at the University of Adelaide. The Tribunal received a total of three complaints that contested the election of two candidates to the AUU Board as well as the election of all members of one party to the SRC. All three complaints lodged with the Tribunal were from opposing candidates who ran in the elections. As a result of extensive deliberations the Election Tribunal has decided to exclude one provisionally nominated candidate from the AUU Board. No other changes to the provisional election results have been made. The next candidate in line with the most votes will now fill the vacant AUU Board position.

The AUU would like to stress that the Tribunal only considered the behaviour of candidates in relation to the rules that govern the elections. The Tribunal did not investigate nor substantiate any allegations of external political interference in the elections. The full decision of the Tribunal is attached.

The AUU would like to thank the Tribunal for its thorough and rigorous review of the 2018 student elections.