Spin A Yarn

Spin A Yarn

Spin A Yarn

Tue 30 Jun 2020 - Fri 17 Jul 2020


Spin A Yarn is a collaboration between students to write a narrative story; with a twist! ??

How does it work? You and 7 strangers will weave together a fictional story via email. You’ll need to accept the characters and story set up from previous pieces of the story, and build on what your group has created so far. But where will the story go? Who knows! That’s up to you.

There will be six ‘stories’ floating around, all based on different themes:
?? Suspense/Thriller
?? Crime/Mystery
?? Fantasy
?? Comedy
?? Sci Fi
You can choose as many themes to be included in when you register.

When the final person in the story chain has submitted their entry, it will be submitted to the On Dit team, who will pick their favourite from the 6 themes. There will also be a “Popular Choice” prize that all participants will get to vote on.

It’s your story: where will you make it go?

?? REGISTER AT: www.auu.org.au/spinayarn

Important dates:
?? Registration period: Tuesday, June 30 - Monday, July 6
?? Online voting period: Friday, July 17 - Monday, July 20