Annual French play: A qui le tour ?

Annual French play: A qui le tour ?

Annual French play: A qui le tour ?

Wed 22 Sep 2021 - Fri 24 Sep 2021

The Little Theatre

Name of play: À qui le tour?  (a translation and adaptation by Julie Ross-Spooner of Betty Quinn’s The Constant Gardener), directed by  Julie Ross-Spooner and Solange Villanueva. 

Synopsis: Adam Everley is a cultivated English gentleman living in the south of France. Life has not been kind to him; his first three wives have all died in tragic accidents. He is now looking to marry again and has his sights on the fragile daughter of a rich American widow whom he met in Paris. But Hodgkins, his all too perfect butler, has plans of his own, and Inspector Ducrez of the French police, who does not seem to believe in accidents, keeps turning up uninvited to test Adam’s patience. Then there is the unexpected arrival of two English schoolteachers, followed by that of the widow’s young American secretary, all of whom play their part in upsetting Adam’s plans until he must ask himself two questions: Has he made the right choice? Is the widow all she seems to be or is she hiding something? The ending will keep you guessing!

When: Wednesday the 22nd – 24th of September at 1pm (matin and 6:30pm. 

Where: The Little Theatre, The University of Adelaide North Terrace Campus (

Running time: 2 hours

Cost: $15, $12 concession, $10 student

Tickets available via Trybooking soon!