Clubs Awards

Best Inaugural Year 

Disability, Illness and Divergence Association UoA (DIDA)

'They have promoted a comfortable space for those with disability, illness or divergence. They've held social catch ups and an event for those with chronic pain - great initiatives!'

'for bringing an incredible group, support and representation to individuals on campus to make campus and clubs as fair for everyone.'

'As someone who suffers from chronic illness, even having this type of representation in a club means a lot. But then, they're doing so many inclusive and important events that are accepting and pushing this community into the public eye. I feel like that's so important. I feel really seen. Also, they've sent out emails and resources for members. I can say safely that I'm really excited to see where this goes.'

♣ Ace of Clubs 

Ashley Jayasuriya

The unsung hero of clubs for the past years going above and beyond with commitment, and dedication. A true pillar of the community who genuinely represents the idea of union and clubs through various endeavors in things to do, volunteer work, designing and initiative new clubs and service to clubs they were involved in. I truly believe Ashley deserves this recognition.'

 'On the committee of half the clubs at the uni and is incredibly helpful in organising clubs things.'

'no reason needed, he's the embodiment of club culture'

Best Clubs Initiative 

Playconomics & Pizza - Adelaide University Economics Club

'The Playconomics and Pizza event was the first of its kind....The Economics Club held a ‘Playconomics and Pizza’ study session in SWOTVAC where free pizza was provided and tutors from the course were available to assist students with any questions they had in relation to the game or in the lead-up to the exam. The event encouraged students from diverse backgrounds to work together to achieve a common goal of completing the game. Many students commented how this was the first time they had spoken to their fellow peer given the lack of face to face lectures, and friendships blossomed out of it....'

' it was a great initiative by the Econ club to provide an event for first years to get together, work on a compulsory first year task and have something to eat together. Playconomics is a daunting task to a lot of students, and the economics club made an event to set some time aside to focus on the task at hand. Additionally, they ensured both lecturers and tutors were present to discuss questions with the students and also provided an opportunity to network with more senior students. It’s rare to see an initiative that encompasses so many aspects of student life in one place, providing student support, social aspects, networking and food.'

Best O'week Stall 

Adelaide Uni Spanish Club

At O'week, we asked students to vote for their faviourite Clubs Stall across the 3 days. Spanish Club received almost double the amount of votes of any other Club. Voters favourite things about the stall included:

'Handmade items made it very unique. Both of the people running it made the club seem inviting, fun and welcoming.'

'Really descriptive about themselves and other clubs'

'Everything was handmade, even a little nacho pillow and the decorations. You could tell a lot of time and effort went into the stall today.'

Clubs Admin Award 

Anime Club - Marika Colby

For their Halloween event application.

Marika has been diligent with the administration of the Anime Club. Having not previously applied for grants, Marika prepared questions and set up a time to meet with us. This was reflected in her stand out grant applications, which have been thorough, on time and detailed. Thank you for all your hard work Marika!