Clubs Committee

Clubs Committee

The Clubs Committee follows the AUU Clubs Administration Policy and the AUU Rule Concerning Committees. Any changes to these rules are done through the AUU Board.

The Clubs Committee will have the powers and duties to:

5.6.1 Act in accordance with all AUU Rules and Policies;

5.6.2 Consider applications for registration from clubs as they arise and approve club registrations;

5.6.3 Consider and approve grant expenditure to clubs by application from registered clubs;

5.6.4 Monitor and report to the Board on AUU Key Performance Indicators relevant to clubs, as determined by the Executive Officer and President;

5.6.5 Contribute to the delivery of events and services that support registered clubs;

5.6.6 Support the Clubs Administrator where appropriate;

5.6.7 Oversee the services available to clubs, including space available to clubs, bookings and administrative support; and

5.6.8 Regularly review and make recommendations on matters referred to it by the Board. 5.6.9 Consider and make recommendations on grievances referred to it

Clubs Committee 2022-

Clubs Committee Chair: Luke Allen

AUU Board President: Oscar Ong

AUU Clubs Rep: Ivan Jankovic

AUU Clubs Rep: Annika Stewart


2021 Clubs Committee meeting minutes:

Meeting 1 - 2nd March

Meeting 2 - 31st March

Meeting 3 - 12th May

Clubs Committee 2022 (left to right) - Oscar Ong, Luke Allen, Annika Stewart and Ivan Jankovic