Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club of the University of Adelaide is a student run club for those with an interest in computer science. Learn, Socialise, and Code are the three main focuses of the club. We organise educational talks and workshops, social events for people to meet and have fun, and we love to code and improve our skills.

2020 Committee:
President: William Godfrey 
Vice-President: Brad Morgan 
Secretary: Kieren Chantrell
Treasurer: Dasuni Jayawickrama
General Committee:
Naomi Smith
Sagar Patel

Members have access to:
• Frequent computer science talks on a diverse range of topics
• Educational workshops
• Regular social gatherings
• A wide network of other computer science students and graduates
• Industry events
• The Google Drive of CS subject notes

Currently no events
There are no current news articles.


Please contact club to enquire about membership options.