Evangelical Students

Campus: North Terrace

We are a non-denominational Christian group which aims to encourage students in their personal faith and love for the Lord Jesus Christ, to equip students with sound Bible knowledge and help them to apply the Bible in their everyday lives.   ES is a member of AFES (the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students).   ES runs a variety of regular events on campus with weekly Bible Talks and Bible Study Groups. We also run two major camps each year: a commencement camp before uni starts, and a week-long camp/ conference in the mid-year break which focuses its talks on the Bible. We also run a variety of social events throughout the year and are a fantastic way to meet new people at uni and to make great friends.  We are very friendly, and welcome anyone with questions about God, faith and the Bible.  We would love to see you at one of our events!   Check our website for news and contact details, and further information about us:

Events: During the week we have Bible talks that are a great way to hear about what Christians believe and who Jesus is.  We also have Bible Study groups that are small, students led groups who study a passage of the Bible together, chat about what it means, and get to know each other really well.   We also run two camps throughout the year.  The first is Commencement Camp that runs before uni starts to introduce new students to the club and uni life, as well as reconnecting returning students before O Week. The second camp is Mid-Year Conference that runs in the mid-year break. It's a week-long camp that includes great, in-depth talks from the Bible, loads of fun, and time to build great relationships with other uni students.   We would love to see you there!

President: Hannah Munro

Fee:  Free

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