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We are the GAMES Club of the University of Adelaide- GAMES isn't all capitals because we're just That excited about games, but stands for Games And Miscellaneous Entertainment Society. Club. Confusing, I know, but it's old hat once you've gotten used to learning the unique quirks which crop up in pretty much any game's rules. We're quirky, but we like our rules. 

What do we Do:

We play board games, card games, many other which ways of games- And though we have 70+ board games, our members bring in even more. We meet every Wednesday at the Lady Symon Building, in the Club Rooms from 4pm till late, and that's a great way to meet some of us, and try out some new games. We're now also running on Fridays alongside EVAC in the FIX Student Lounge! You'll find us there from about 6pm but from 4-6 we'll still be in the Lady Symon Club Rooms, where you can come to help us decide which games we should bring over for the rest of the night.

However we also run a variety of events throughout the year, from BBQs to Poker Nights, game tournaments and, of course, the obligatory University Pubcrawl.

The Nitty Gritty: 

Membership costs $10 for the year, and comes with numerous benefits, which we're constantly expanding on, however Everyone is welcome to pop over on the Wednesday or Friday evenings to come hang out and play board games For Free.

That being said, here's what membership gets you thus far-

>10% off at Greenlight Comics
>Free Pizza at our AGM, SGM, Poker Nights, and other events where we can provide it
>$1 can drinks at our weekly board game meets
>Discounts on Pubcrawl T-Shirts, at BBQs
>The right to vote on important games matters at meetings that we call (Where you'll get Free Pizza)

I say thus far because we're always trying to push your experience the extra mile, and from organising deals and events to simply getting new board games, paying for membership if you're able helps us hugely in improving the GAMES experience for you.

Win Conditions:

Though personally I think that there's a simple joy in enjoying a game with old or new or soon-to-be friends, which I'd call a win, I know that's not always enough for everyone. So make up your own win conditions- Some of our members are happy to play a select few games Every Week if given the opportunity, so you can always try to improve your strategies with them. You could even challenge yourself to play at least one game you've never heard of this month- While we all have our favourites we're also happy to crack out something old or play something new that you might even bring in yourself!

TL;DR: Come play games with us Wednesdays/Fridays, 4pm-Late @ Lady Symon Building Club Rooms/FIX Student Lounge
And may the odds be ever in your favour!*

*-Please don't hurt anyone, even if you're hungry. Pizza exists for a reason people.

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