Adelaide Graduate Award for Clubs

The Adelaide Graduate Award, is a free employability program for all current University of Adelaide students.

The Award is an opportunity for AUU Club Committee members to gain formal recognition for time spent volunteering and contributing to the University community. On completion, the Award is listed on the academic transcript.


Being an AUU Club Committee member can be claimed towards the Award as volunteering. Any hours spent on club administration, meetings, events, and associated duties (e.g. writing minutes, planning, supervision) can be included. Club members who actively volunteer at club activities and events (e.g. running stalls, event support) can also claim these hours towards the Award.


To earn the Award, you must complete at least 150 hours of extra-curricular activities (including at least 30 hours of volunteering) during your degree. You also attend two Career Services workshops, develop your resume and LinkedIn, and prepare a 500-750 word reflection about your extra-curricular experiences.


FAQ AUU Clubs: FAQ-AUU-Clubs.pdf

Deadlines: AGA-Deadlines.pdf

Confirmation Letter/Email: AUU-Clubs-letter-template-volunteering-Adelaide-Graduate-Award.docx