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We’ve curated these lists and documents to cover all the most important parts of running a club. There’s also some templates that provide an easy way to stay on top of essential paperwork, like risk assessments and the alcohol policy.

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Clubs Manual : How to start and manage a club Clubs Manual : How to start and manage a club (1264 KB)

Committee Handbook Committee Handbook (95 KB)

How to Run a Meeting How to Run a Meeting (705 KB)

How to Run An Event How to Run An Event (519 KB)

Incorporation and Not-For-Profit Status Incorporation and Not-For-Profit Status (430 KB)

Personal Accident Cover for Clubs Personal Accident Cover for Clubs (303 KB)

Personal Accident Cover for Clubs Group Persoanl Accident Mol 2019

Health Hygiene for Food Handlers Health Hygiene for Food Handlers (74 KB)

Clubs : Model Constitution Clubs : Model Constitution (24 KB)

Clubs : IGM Minutes Template Clubs : IGM Minutes Template (17 KB)

Clubs : UofA Brand License Agreement Clubs : UofA Brand License Agreement (32 KB)

Clubs: Attendance List Clubs: Attendance List (23 KB)

Clubs Conduct Clubs Conduct (515 KB)



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Club Email Account

Each club is allocated an email address at the Union's domain (E.g Generally, this email is available to the president or other club organiser.

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