Mathematics Society

Campus: North Terrace

Adelaide University Mathematics Society (AUMS) is all about bringing people together and sparking friendships. Whether you're a budding first year newbie or a hardened fourth year veteran, you can come along to one of our events knowing absolutely nobody and still have a great time.  AUMS is a club for maths and non-maths students alike. If you're an integral solving enigma or a proficient poetry powerhouse, you can count on AUMS to deliver something for you - that something is almost always pizza!  AUMS promotes accessible events. Whether you're a Jeff Bezos or a George Costanza, it's safe to say that our $5 membership goes a long way. We provide free pizza at most of our events, free food at barbecues for members, and try to make our ball, quiz night and pub-crawl as affordable as possible.  AUMS loves maths. Run by the biggest group of number lovin', algorithm totin', code scribin' math nerds you will ever see, AUMS is determined to deliver the best math puns in the West (of the Botanic Gardens), and to bring an element of fun to maths that you just ain't gonna find nowhere else!


President: Isabelle Greco

Fee: $5 annual membership fee

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