Sci-Fi Club

Science Fiction Fans Rejoice!!

The Sci-Fi Club is a place for Sci-Fi fans of all; Age, Gender and Ethnicity to come together and enjoy the amazing Genre of Science Fiction in all forms!!

We run various events including;

  • Free Member Only Fortnightly Sci-Fi Screenings
  • Themed Quiz Nights
  • "Try It" Days
  • Games Sessions
  • And More!

We have Multiple Ranks of Membership, with different perks and prices;

  1. Crewman - $5
  2. Lieutenant - $10
  3. Lt Commander - $20
  4. Commander (VIP) - $25

Access to Member Only events is avalilable to All Member Ranks

  1. Membership Cards avaliable to Lieutenant and above
  2. Club Shirts avalable to Lt Commander and above
  3. Special VIP Privilages such as; cheaper even entries, Ablilty to phisically interact with the various Props we have in attendance, and more, is avaliable to Commanders.

After the first year of membership, ALL membership is only $5! Thats right ONLY $5

So whether you fly in the USS Enterprise, a Type 40 TARDIS, Firefly class freighter, or just take the bus, this club is for you! Join Us Now!

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Please contact club to enquire about membership options.