Start a Club

Starting a new Club with the AUU

So, you want to start a club?

This is great news! We are here to support anyone looking to start up a Club. Underneath we have outlined the steps that need to be taken to become a fully registered AUU Club, who has access to all benefits such as insurance for events, grants, equipment and venue hire, and personalised support. There are only three steps, so what are you waiting for? Lets go!

Step One: Complete an Expression of Interest (EOI)

In order for the AUU to assess whether your Club is eligible for registration (and thus eligible to become an AUU Club), we ask for you to fill out an Expression of Interest or EOI.

What is an Expression of Interest?

An Expression of Interest, or EOI, is a document designed to help the AUU team see what ideas you have for your proposed club. We ask you to fill this out so we gain a better understanding of what the Club is for, and so we can make sure it does not replicate already existing Clubs. 

The EOI should illustrate...

  1. Decide what the club is about: what does it do, who is its target audience, what is it called?
  2. Find out whether your club is unique: are there any clubs that are very similar, or that do similar activities? We won’t be able to register your club if it replicates the purpose or activities of existing clubs.

How do I complete an Expression of Interest?

Easy! Follow this link Complete an expression of interest and then hit submit!

We look foward to reading your Expression of Interest and the ideas that you have.

In order for Step 1 to be complete, you will either be contacted saying you can go ahead with starting your Club, or that we need more information about your proposal. 


Step Two: Registering to become an offical AUU Club

The AUU Clubs team have given you the go ahead from your Expression of Interest- good one! Your next step is applying for for a Club registration. 

What is a Club registration?

A Club registation is a group of doccuments submitted to the Union to demonstrate to the AUU that the club is active. 


How to register to become an official AUU Club

In order to register, you must apply by submitting all the doccuments listed below here Apply for provisional registration. Once you have submitted these documents via our online form, we will assess whether you have fufilled our requirements. If so, you will become an AUU Club. 


The documents you must submit are: 

  1. A short abstract of the Club's description and proposed activites 
  2. Hold an IGM (Inaugural General Committee) and submit the minutes, alongside a list of attendees and their ID number

        2a. A Constitution 

       2b. A list of the elected committee with a President and Treasurer who are students of the University of Adelaide 

       2. Adelaide University Liscening Brand Agreement 

       3. Set up a bank account

       4. Optional: Letter of affiliation if you are affiliated with another organisation 

Listed underneath is a little more detail on each section. 


1. A short abstract of the Club's description and proposed activites 

This step should take you no time! This is an opportunity to demonstrate your enthusiasm and potential your proposed club has. Take a Word document and outline what your club is and the potential activities you will be able to undertake. 


2. Inaugural General Meeting (Minutes, Constitution and Committee Members)

It sounds pretty daunting, but don't be put off, holding an IGM is a lot more straightfoward then it sounds! 

To complete all the necessary steps for a registration, you will need to hold your Inaugural General Meeting (IGM). This is opposed to an Annual General Meeting (AGM) which a fully registered club must do every year to re-register. The IGM must be attended by all the Clubs founding members. It is where the Constitution will be adopted and the first committee will be elected. 


  • Ensure that there are at least ten people present who are members of the Club. At least half of the members must be students of the University of Adelaide. 
  • Make sure the minutes of the IGM are recorded (we have a template you can follow Clubs : Model Constitution*)
  • Agree on the Constitution (we also have a template for this you can follow Clubs : IGM Minutes Template*)
  • Compile a list of your elected committee members
  • (If you plan to heavily change the outline of the IGM minutes or Consititution, please contact the Clubs Admin so we can make sure it meets our requirements)

2a. The Constitution 

Unless you are already a member of the Law Society, you may be put off by having to write a Constitution. Do not fear, we have a template you can use to start off. 

Here are the four compulsory aspects you need in your Constitution: 


  • Provisions for an Annual General Meeting 
  • Rules for the election of a Committee
  • The objectives and rules for your Club
  • A clause that forbids the securing of profits for members (that is, it is defined as a non-profit rather than a business)

2b. A list of your Committee Members

Out of the four aspects of registration, the list of Committee Members is the most straightforward. All we ask is the name and Student ID number of the Committee Members. We also need their posititions within the Club and a contact detail (preferably an email and a phone number). 

Good news, this step should have been completed at the IGM! 

3. Adelaide University Brand License Agreement 

The License Brand Agreement is an agreement between invidual Clubs and the University of Adelaide which outlines the rules of merchandising using the University of Adelaide's visual identity. As AUU Clubs are affiliated to the University of Adelaide, AUU Clubs must ensure that they follow the correct guidelines. 

You can find the License Agreement here: Clubs : UofA Brand License Agreement

Please fill in the right hand side, and and submit it as a PDF. 


4. Bank Account Details

We recommend opening an account with BankSA. The Rundle Mall branch is close and has extensive experience handling club accounts. Even better, the ‘Clubs and Societies’ accounts don’t have any monthly fees and are free to open. To open an account here or update signatories on an existing account, make an appointment to set up a ‘Clubs and Societies’ account. They will provide you with a form to complete. All new signatories will need to sign this form and attend the appointment. The AUU requires at least two signatories for a Club's Bank Account. You will need to bring identification for each signatory, along with the minutes of the meeting, and a copy of your club’s constitution. Make sure the minutes clearly state who the signatories should be, and have the name of the club listed at the top of each page.


5. Optional: Letter of Affiliation

If your Club is affiliated with another organistion (i.e a particular faculty or school), a letter from that organisation approving the affiliation must also be provided. Please also attach this to the email. 


Step Three: Be a Club

Congratulations- you have become a (provisional) Club!

A Provisional Club is our term for new club, a little like a freshman, or a newbie. You have the same priviliages that any club has but the AUU team will check up on you now and again to make sure you are fairing Clubsland. At the end of your first year, you'll need to check in with us and let us know how things are going. An email will suffice, we aren't too needy. If you are still active, you will be given the fully registered club!

Both Provisional and Registered Clubs are able to do all the fun things that clubs do- events, equipment and venue hire, access to grants and more! 


Check out our Clubs Manual for more information about the duties and responsibilities of clubs and their committees.