Interested in palaeontology? Or already studying palaeontology? Then join the University of Adelaide Palaeontologists! 

This is a group for the members of University of Adelaide Palaeontologists AUU club.

Membership for 2020 is $5
     ?Send us an email at    and enquire about membership.

A group run by real Palaeontologists, Postgraduate Students, and Undergraduate Students, all from The University of Adelaide. 

The University of Adelaide has an extremely diverse range of palaeontological research that covers from over 550 million years ago, all the way through to the present day. We also have an amazing array of complimentary sciences that are required to interpret the past.

Here are the major fields we cover:
? Ediacaran biota  
? Cambrian fauna
? Palaeobotany
? Vertebrate palaeontology 
? Palaeoclimatology
? Palaeoecology
? Ancient DNA
? Palynology
? Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating

We will run a wide range of events each year aimed at exposure to the palaeontological (and associated sciences) research at The University of Adelaide. We will also have some fun palaeontology events! Students will also have opportunities to talk to staff about future study pathways.

President: Jessie Treloar


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