2020 Annual Elections

Elections are now complete.

A breakdown of counting results and voting pattens may be found here

The following candidates have been declared elected by the AUU Election Tribunal:

AUU Board:
1. Oscar Ong
2. Ana Obradovic
3. Billy Zimmerman
4. Esther Hung
5. Isaac Trumble

SRC President: 
Oscar Ong

SRC General Secretary:
Evi Cacas

SRC Education Officer:
Felix Eldridge

SRC Welfare Officer:
Oliver Douglas

SRC Women's Officer:
Georgia Honan

SRC Queer Officer:
Hamish Probert

SRC Disability Officer:
Caitlin Battye

SRC Environment Officer:
Emma Troughton

SRC Postgraduate Research Officer:
Susie Greenwood

SRC Postgraduate Coursework Officer:
Tom Marrett

SRC International Student Officer:
Yeganeh Soltanpour

SRC Social Justice Officer:
Bisma Changez

SRC Ethno-Cultural Officer:
Anjali Malhotra

SRC Rural Officer:
Baie Perryman

WidgetsSRC Mature Age Officer:
Janine Aujard

SRC General Councillor:
Nix Herriot
Kanishka Chaudhary
Will Broderick
Bryan Lau
Jack Brady
Jun Ming Loke
Yonatan Halawa
Chuyue (Angela) Qin


No elections are currently running

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