2021 Annual Elections

Voting for the 2021 AUU Board and SRC Elections have now closed.

For more information on voting, nominations, and positions for election, visit the Election Portal here.

Provisional Results of AUU Board and SRC Elections

AUU Board

Luke Allen

Felix Eldridge

Emily Deng

Grace Franco

Rebecca Etienne

SRC President

Ana Obradovic

SRC General Secretary

Billy Zimmermann

SRC Education Officer

James Wood

SRC Welfare Officer

Ulian Cox

SRC Queer Officer

Mat Monti

SRC Women's Officer

Georgia Thomas

SRC Disability Officer

Olivia Papagni

SRC Environment Officer

Nix Herriott

SRC Postgraduate (HDR)

Jack Crawford

SRC Postgraduate (Coursework)

Eddie Satchell

SRC International Student Officer

Dhuruva Padmanabhan

SRC Social Justice

Tom Wood

SRC Ethno-Cultural Officer

Marilee Hou

SRC Rural Officer

Liam Johns

SRC Mature Age Officer

AJ Francotirador

SRC General Councillor

Haowen Yu
Ramon O'Donell
Chanel Trezise
Francesco Ciampa
Steph Madigan
Alicia Turner
Henry Southcott
James Dimas