Jing Soong Goh

Name: Jing Soong Goh

Preferred Name: Jing Soong

Degree and year of study? Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (3rd Year)

What inspired you to engage with the office and role(s) you currently hold?

To continuously improve the student experience within the university, have every student enjoy their university life to the fullest.

What Clubs are you involved with at UofA?

I used to play lots with the badminton club's social night before I injured my knee. Sometimes I do hangout with in the minecraft server that the minecraft club has.

What led you to join the club(s)?

Mainly for sports and socialising.

Favourite holiday destination/activity?

Probably gold coast as they have great theme parks. Otherwise, a balance of staying at home to relax and going with friends for meals also does the trick nicely.

Favourite place to study on campus?

Probably hub central level 2, for very quiet environments. Level 4 is good for team meetings.

What do you hope to achieve in your office and role(s) in 2020?

Further cooperation with fellow board members to continually provide the best for the students.

What advice would you give to students starting out at the University of Adelaide?

Make the most out of your university life, enjoy it while it lasts!