Arabella Wauchope

Degree and year of study?

3rd year law/psych

What inspired you to engage with the office and role(s) you currently hold?

I think the climate for young people to study has become increasingly more difficult with things like insecure work and mental health, and I wanted to contribute to the student unions work in helping students through it.

What Clubs are you involved with at UofA?

Adelaide University Women’s Collective, Republican Club, Labor Club

Favourite holiday destination/activity?

The beaches on the west coast, or anywhere without a phone signal

Favourite place to study on campus?

The grass

What do you hope to achieve in your office and role(s) in 2020?

I want to make sure that clubs are treated as the lifeblood of campus culture and are empowered to create that culture with funding and grassroots decision making around club structures. I also would like a more supportive environment for women on campus from the moment they start via support services and knowing how and where they can reach out- I think the union can play a role in that.

What advice would you give to students starting out at the University of Adelaide?

Get involved outside the faculty you’re in!! Enjoy your time at uni and make sure you invest in your own well being while you’re here