Billy Zimmermann

Preferred Name:


Degree and year of study?

I am entering my third year in a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of International Relations

What inspired you to engage with the office and role(s) you currently hold?

The fight for students and for a better society. Education is under direct attack from the federal government, I got involved to guide the student union to fight against fee hikes and to put students front and centre. 

What do you hope to achieve in your office and role(s) in 2021?

Among many things I hope to hold the AUU to account of its lack of transparency, affiliate clubs that have been unfairly treated and attempt to change the AUU's direction from policies that leave students behind.

What Clubs are you involved with at UofA?

I am a member of too many clubs to count. But I am the president of the Arts Students Association and am on the committee of the Republican Club and Labor Club.

What led you to join the club(s)?

I joined these clubs to meet new people and have fun. Campus culture is the beating heart of our university, we need to fight for it's continued existence by funding club events and empowering those who want to start new clubs.

Favourite holiday destination/activity?

Port Elliot. The ocean, the scenery, the food amongst everything else. Absolutely fabulous place.

Favourite place to study on campus?

I would like to say the cloisters but that usually descends into me having one too many drinks at the unibar so not much study actually gets done.

What advice would you give to students starting out at the University of Adelaide?

Follow your passions, join clubs, have fun. If you only go to your classes then go home you are not getting everything out of your (incredibly large) fees. Clubs offer so much and most are free to join.