How can I contact the SRC?

The Union and SRC Presidents represent the interests of students on a range of  University and student committees, including how SSAF money will be spent, new building projects and changes to University courses. They will also often provide a student voice to media organisations and external bodies when approached or required. If you want to discuss an issue with the Union President or the SRC President they can be contacted by email.

SRC President: srcpresident@auu.org.au
AUU President: auupresident@auu.org.au

If you’re not sure who you should contact send your enquiry through to the SRC Administrator at
mark.pace@adelaide.edu.au and they can refer you onto the best person.

You can also tweet us at twitter.com/adelaidesrc,
write on our facebook page facebook.com/adelaidesrc,
or call us on PH: 8313 3895 (Please note due to Covid-19 this phone line is unattended)

If your enquiry is of a personal nature it will be treated as confidential by the SRC unless you request otherwise.

What does the SRC actually do?

The SRC is the student representative body on campus, existing to represent students of the University of Adelaide to the university itself, to all levels of government and to the wider community. The SRC provides all students with representation on issues that affect them and
ensures that every student at the University is represented.

The SRC campaigns to eliminate racism, patriarchy, homophobia and discrimination on the basis of economic circumstance. It also upholds and defends the ideal that all students deserve equal opportunities at University and in the community at large.