How can I contact the SRC?

If you’re not sure who you should contact send your enquiry through to the SRC Administrator at mark.pace@adelaide.edu.au and they can refer you onto the best person.

You can also tweet us at twitter.com/adelaidesrc,
write on our facebook page facebook.com/adelaidesrc,
or call us on PH: 8313 3895 (Please note due to Covid-19 this phone line is unattended)

If your enquiry is of a personal nature it will be treated as confidential by the SRC unless you request otherwise.

What does the SRC actually do?

We often get asked this and it’s a fair question. You might not hear much about what we do because a lot of what the SRC does is ‘behind the scenes’ work such as sitting on committees and responding to issues as they come up. It's our job to advocate for students' interests, and that includes lobbying to prevent tutorial budget cuts, joining with other University Student Unions to protest Federal Government funding cuts, helping serve a free breakfast to students, and running campaigns and events like Stress Less Day where you get to cuddle baby goats!

We also hold fortnightly meetings, maintain the Fix Student Lounge (the slounge), and write submissions to university, community and government committees and taskforces.

Where is the SRC located?

The SRC office is located on Level 3 George Murray (upstairs in Fix Student Lounge). Our office door is to the right of the stairs (there is a sign on the door in case you get lost!).