Postgraduate Officer - Coursework

Thomas Marret



Preferred Name

Tom Marrett (He/Him)

Degree and Year of Study

Master of Public Health (Second Year)

Inspiration to engage with office and role(s) you currently hold?

After this year we have had I wanted to stand up for the postgraduate coursework students here at university to try and ensure that our year in 2021 is more accommodating to our needs and that we are kept in the loop on any possible changes. I am also very keen to represent my fellow postgraduate students here at university and to be an active and fighting voice for them on the SRC.

Hope to achieve in 2021?

In 2021 I want to achieve wins for postgraduate coursework students that put us in control of our conditions here at university. I want to elevate their voices, work productively with them, and ensure that postgraduate coursework students who are coming to study here at university are not at any disadvantage due to their choice to do so.

Club Involvement?

This year I have signed up to the Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Association and the Postgraduate Society. Next year as things begin to resume I hope to become more involved with clubs on campus.

Why Join those clubs?

I joined those clubs as they were relevant to my studies and, if not for COVID, as a way of getting more involved with campus culture.

Favourite Holiday Destination?

I really loved spending time in the Rocky Mountains when I was in Canada. Spending time walking through the tracks covered in snow and looking at the amazing scenery surrounding myself.

Favourite place to study?

When I come into campus to study I like to study at the AHMS building.

Starting out?

If I was to give advice to students starting out I’d recommend you join clubs, get involved in the campus culture, and if possible do a student exchange when it’s once again possible. Most importantly, have fun and make the most of it.