Social Justice Officer

Bisma Changez


Preferred name-

Bisma Changez

Degree and year of study-

1st year in Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) (Advanced)

What inspired you to engage with the office and the role you currently hold?

My role as a Social Justice Officer, my sole responsibility is protecting student autonomy. I want to be a fellow student who has the power to make a change and help individuals to feel safe and reach their full capacity at university and possibly outside of the university. What inspired me to engage with the office was the sheer dedication to be a voice to speak out on issues and make visible changes that benefit the student body. I wanted to also be in a position where I learn and understand different views of people and work together with others to build a healthy university environment. My inspiration was the students who run through elections and thrive to be in a position of leadership just to represent and make changes to the university and it’s the environment!

What do you hope to achieve in your office and the role in 2021?

I hope to achieve a few things in relation to promoting student safety, representation of different cultures, religions and ethnicity and really work on removing stigma against culture and religion and host events of awareness to educate individuals. I will and plan on working collaboratively with other officers to work on events and having fun but also educational environment to promote righteous behaviour and unity within the campus. My role as Social Justice Officer, it is important for me to maintain unity and report false or abrupt mannerism that can hurt individuals around and host events, discussions, have communities to abolish or block such negativity.

What clubs are you involved with at UofA?

The clubs I am involved in are, The University of Adelaide Amnesty Club, Psychology Association club, Adelaide University- Debating society, Women in Stem club, Islamic student association club!

What led you to join the club?

All these clubs are my outermost passion for achieving Social Justice, from psychology and working in the field of behaviour therapy, public speaking, interest in science and technology and being a Muslim and standing for my religion and removing stigma and unfair stereotypes and hate against Muslims.

Favourite holiday destination/ activity?

I would have to say my favourite holiday destination so far is Sydney because of my absolute love for the big city life experience from time to time. However, my absolute favourite activity is being with my family where we all take a break to just be near each other and spend time being thankful and happy for having each other’s back through everything (alongside my pet animals!).

Favourite place on campus to study?

My favourite place to study on campus would be any level of the hub central! You can sneak in a quiet and secret place anywhere there and get on with focusing on studying and having that much needed personal space.

What advice would you give to students starting out at the University of Adelaide?

The advice that I would like to give out future students of the University of Adelaide would be that it is a new experience but a very fun and refreshing one if you give the chance to be on top of studies but also let knew experiences come through and take advantage of the university life and opening yourself up to people, experiences and chasing passion and academic opportunities.