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Trump and the New American Politician

AUU Administrators Monday, November 14, 2016 (0) Comments

Words by: Taylor Malthouse-Bevan

The American people have defied the establishment and the media by electing Republican Donald Trump as their President.

The defeat of the political establishment’s chosen candidate, Democrat Hillary Clinton, has shaken the elites in Washington DC. However, it is a huge win for the American people. They have declared loudly and clearly that their republic is theirs and that they will not be dictated to by the media, nor by celebrities or political elites.

For too long the everyday American has been taken for granted by politicians who are too concerned with playing politics in Washington DC. But now, those everyday Americans who are outside of the political processes that have strangled America, have elevated one of their own to the office of President. They have declared that they will not be lectured to by politicians, the media nor other elitists whether they be from Hollywood or Washington DC. They have declared they will make their own decision as to whom their nation’s leader will be without any media source, politician or celebrity telling them otherwise and that anyone who takes them for granted will be dealt justice at the ballot box.

Trump is far from perfect just like we are all far from perfect. He has made mistakes in his past, just like we all have. Yet this appears to be something that many people appreciate about him. He is not a polished politician. He is blunt, he is to the point, he says what is on his mind.

Clinton, on the other hand, is a career politician who has spent the greater part of her life climbing the ranks of the Washington elites in the pursuit of her own political ambitions. She has delved so deeply into the politics of Washington DC that the American people have come to view her as being seperate, rather than one of them.

The American people have declared that they are done with politicians who focus on their own political ambitions; they have rejected the politician and instead have elected a leader. Hopefully this will send a signal to politicians around the world and will bring about a new era where politicians will truly serve their constituents as leaders rather than the pursuit of their own political ambitions.

Trump’s election is also beneficial to US-Russian relations. Clinton’s rhetoric has frequently been hostile towards Russia. Clinton’s support of a no-fly zone over Syria could have potentially resulted in the US Army shooting down Russian planes inflaming tensions between the two nations. The prospect of inflaming tensions between these two global powers is terrifying and would pose a threat to the very fragile state of “peace” the world is currently in. As Trump has said, his Administration will be willing to work with Russia because it is certainly not a bad thing if the US and Russia get along. The Trump Administration may herald a new golden age in US-Russian relations potentially securing a more peaceful and stable world.

Although the 2016 Presidential Election campaign has been fiercely divisive, and much of Trump’s rhetoric has been controversial, and even insulting, to some segments of American society, he must now be given the opportunity to lead and unite the American people and the free world. Campaigning across the US for the last nearly two years would have been a truly life changing and eye opening experience. As Clinton herself has said, we all owe Trump the chance to lead and must keep an open mind to him. We must judge his actions going forward and trust the American people to make their assessment of the Trump Administration at the ballot box in 2020.


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