Yoga practice with the Yoga and Meditation Club

Grab a mat and join the The Yoga and Meditation Club for a free yoga class! This half hour session will take you through poses, breathing and relaxation exercises; the perfect way to end or start a day of study.

MadFit: 10 min cardio workout at home

10 minute cardio workout with no extra equipment.

SELF: 30-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout with Warm Up

30 minute HIIT cardio workout with no extra equipment.

MadFit: Beginner flexibility routine

30 minute flexibility workout for beginners with no extra equipment.

Sarahs Day: Core & Ab Pilates Home Workout

20 minute pilates workout focusing on abs. No extra equipment needed.

Tom Merrick: Bodyweight Strength Workout

40 minute bodyweight strength workout with no extra equipment needed.

Yoga with Adriene: Full Body Flow

20 minute full body vinyasa yoga practice. No extra equipment needed.