For Employers

About Student Employment 

Are you looking for motivated casual or part-time employees? Be connected to the staff you need, when you need them.

The Adelaide University Union is a not-for-profit organisation that can give you access to over 20,000 current or recently graduated students from the University of Adelaide who are looking for part-time or casual employment.

We will connect you with:

  • Motivated candidates who want to find part time or casual work in a range of industries
  • Up-skilled candidates with accredited training in a variety of fields that will meet your needs
  • Flexible candidates with the capacity to work various hours according to your needs

The Union's Student Employment service is about:


We connect the right candidate to the right employer and ensure your business is satisfied with your staffing choice. We provide access to reliable and highly motivated candidates that your business can employ with confidence.


We are always looking for local businesses and industries who want to employ multiple candidates on a casual or part time basis. This strengthens the local economy and gives you, the employer, the opportunity to shape the work force of the future.


We want to connect our candidates to your festival events, short term or one off employment opportunities and other local programs that will enhance the quality of your project.

Our service includes your job listed on our online Jobs Board, exposure via social media, and shortlisting of candidates (limited and on application). When placing casual or part-time employment with us you will find our service is easy, efficient, and professional.

You can use our service to advertise for the following:

  • Part-time positions
  • Casual positions
  • Temporary or one-off positions
  • Private household positions (ie, tutors, gardeners, cleaners) 


Pay and Conditions

Information relating to pay and conditions can be found at


What are the terms and conditions for student use of vacancy listings?
  1. Student Employment does not screen employers who advertise on the Jobs Board. Students are responsible for taking care of their own personal safety when attending a job or an interview. If attending a private household, take reasonable precautions such as letting someone know where you are going and when you will be back.
  2. While job ads are monitored by Student Employment, we cannot be responsible for the employment terms offered to students. Students must ensure that their pay and conditions meet federal minimum standards – Student Employment can direct you to information on these.

The Adelaide University Union does not maintain a student database. All vacant positions are advertised to students and those who believe they are suitable then apply.

All tutoring positions are advertised by this method – no student databases are maintained. If you have questions, please email


For graduate opportunities, structured vacation programs and student internships please contact the University's Career Services team ( or 08 8313 5123).