We provide advice, support and advocacy on a range of issues within the University and external agencies including:

  • Unsatisfactory Academic Progress
  • Student grievances and appeals
  • Replacement Exams/Alternative Assessments (MACA)
  • Academic Integrity Breaches, e.g. Plagiarism. collusion, contract cheating
  • Fee Refunds and Remissions
  • Fair Treatment
  • Credit transfer
  • Assessment
  • Advocacy with external agencies eg Centrelink


  • Fees
  • Enrolments/ Restrictions
  • Graduations
  • Retrospective Withdraw No Fail (RWNF) (also referred to as Variation to Enrolment)

Our Education and Welfare Officers can assist you to work through and evaluate the merits of your case in accordance with the University’s Student Grievance Resolution Process and advise on the next steps.

The Education and Welfare Officers are independent advocates for students of the University of Adelaide and can provide you with advice, assistance and advocacy. We can support you through the process and assist with drafting your response or attending University or external agency meetings with you. 

Further information on the University’s Student Grievance Resolution Process can be found here:

To make an appointment email or phone 8313 5430