Important Exam Information

Assignments / Primary Exams

If you sit formal exams with the University of Adelaide you need to be aware of the current Policies. Please refer to the University's Assessment Policies and Exam Rules page HERE for information regarding assessment, inability to attend exams and Academic Honesty requirements.

Remember to:

  1. Reference all work that is not your own in assignments.
  2. Seek an early extension if needed. Don’t leave this till the last minute or when it is too late!
  3. Set up a calendar and block out exam prep sessions.
  4. Seek support if you feel you don’t have everything under control.
  5. Check your exam timetable and make sure you go on the right day at the right time.
  6. Go to the exam with ONLY what you are permitted to take in. DO NOT take in unauthorised materials. If in doubt ask a staff person, NOT your friend.
  7. See an Education and Welfare Officer if you are concerned or need help with any of the above.
  8. View THIS LINK for further assistance

For further clarification contact us at Student Care 8313 5430

Requirements for Replacement Exams 

Be aware of the following:

Before the Primary Examination

"Modified arrangements will not be granted for minor ailments, travel, employment, family, customary, sport or leisure commitments, problems with balancing workloads or normal exam stress or anxiety" (see section 1 of the Policy)

"Students who submit an application for a Replacement Examination at least 3 business days before the date of the Primary Examination, will be notified of the outcome of the application at least 24 hours before the Primary Examination" (section 7 of the Policy)

During the Primary Examination

Students who become ill on the way to or during the exam must notify an exam invigilator at the venue and apply for a replacement exam.

It is important to know that if you sit the primary exam you will not be eligible for a replacement exam unless an issue arose during the exam and you made an exam supervisor aware before 50% of the time had lapsed.

All requests must be on the ‘Application for Replacement Examination or Assessment Extension’ form (link below) as a Medical Certificate on its own will not be acceptable.

Replacement Exam Application Form

The full Modified Arrangements for Coursework Assessment Policy can be found here: MACA Policy