MACA Policy

Modified Arrangements for Coursework Assessment (MACA) Policy

There may be circumstances that arise which significantly impair your performance, preparation or attendance in an exam or impact on your capacity to demonstrate your true level of competence in an assessment. The University’s Modified Arrangements for Coursework Assessment Policy (MACA) is in place to support students in these situations. 

A modified arrangement could be:

  • An extension
  • A replacement exam
  • Additional assessment

You may need to apply for a modified arrangement due to the following circumstances:

  • Medical
  • Compassionate
  • Extenuating

The Policy, in Section 1(b) further defines examples of particular circumstances in each of these categories. In Section 1(b) there is also a list of ineligible circumstances.

If any of the above occurs for you, contact someone! During an exam this could be an invigilator (for in person exams) OR if an online exam make sure you follow the instructions posted before you commence.


If your assessment weighting is less than 20% you should contact the Course Coordinator in the first instance before completing the form.

The MACA application form should be completed by you and supported by the most appropriate independent party (e.g. for medical this is a Doctor). Be aware, a medical certificate of itself is not sufficient evidence for the purposes of the MACA policy.

Some compassionate circumstance don’t require an independent party, simply provide evidence. Examples of accepted evidence are outlined on the form.

An EWO is one of the independent parties on the form and may be able to assist with advice and support.



You are welcome to contact an EWO at any time to discuss any questions you have about the MACA Policy. If you are unsure how to progress we can provide advice and assist you understand your options.

Some common advice an EWO would give is:

  • Read the form fully, it is comprehensive and includes step by step instructions for students.
  • Self-assess your circumstances (medical/compassionate/extenuating) against the criteria outlined. If you have the supporting evidence to verify your statement then they should be included. If not, consider your options to obtain the evidence or an independent third party declaration.
  • Act early and complete the form before the due date (if circumstances permit).
  • Keep your Course Coordinator updated if you will be unable to meet the due date for an assessment.

If you are in any doubt about this information you can contact your Course Coordinator, Faculty Office or an EWO.