Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

The Academic Progress by Coursework Students policy outlines the performance required to maintain satisfactory academic progress and enrolment in a program. Students are generally required to pass more than half their courses in each review period, or not fail the same course twice, to be deemed to have made satisfactory academic progress. Results that are unsatisfactory will generate a Risk Notice which is sent to a student’s email address.

Students are encouraged to check their results and email inbox at the end of a study period.

At Risk One and Two students are expected to complete an on-line survey to identify contributing factors to their poor academic performance, and what strategies they can implement to improve their performance. The third Risk Notice is an ‘Intention to Exclude Notice’, with a request to ‘Show Cause’ as to why the University should not exclude the student from further study in their program.

If you have received an Intention to Exclude letter, you will be automatically excluded from further study in your program unless you submit a Show Cause submission within the specified time period stated in the email.

What you should do:

READ the University’s Academic Progress Policy. This may help you understand why you have received this notification.

CLICK on the link to the University’s FAQ Page. This may help answer some of the questions you have.

CHECK your email for previous risk notifications. You can also check this when you log in to the system according to the letter’s instructions.

REFLECT on what led to you failing subjects. You may have had academic, financial, family/relationship, health, or housing issues.

FOLLOW the instructions on the Intention to Exclude letter if you want to Show Cause for an opportunity to continue study.

GATHER evidence to support your submission such as a letter from your doctor, psychologist or counsellor. You only need to consider doing this if it is appropriate to your circumstances that you are presenting in your Show Cause submission.

Your Show Cause submission should include details of what may have caused your unsatisfactory academic progress, what strategies you put in place after each risk notice, what supports you currently have (e.g. counselling, disability, financial, housing, academic) and explain how you intend to improve your academic performance going forward.

Having a clear statement about your plan for academic success in the next study period is critical.


Student Care can assist by discussing your response with you before you submit it, and by attending the Show Cause meeting with you as a support person. Due to the volume of requests you should book an appointment early.

Student Care can be contacted here for support.