For External Organisations

Register a Volunteering Opportunity

Adelaide University Union is a not-for-profit organisation that can provide you access to over 20,000 students from the University of Adelaide who are looking to volunteer with your organisation. Before you register, please read the Terms and Conditions below to see if this is suitable for you.


Terms and Conditions

Approaching Adelaide University Union

  • Organisation seeking volunteers must be a not-for-profit
  • You must provide the following:
  1. Event contact person from your organisation
  2. Name of the event
  3. Date
  4. Start and finish time
  5. Duration of the opportunity (on-going/one-off)
  6. Location
  • You must provide a Role Description (e.g. what volunteers are expected do to, how physically demanding the role is, etc.)
  • You must clearly indicate how many volunteers you will need
  • You must ensure that volunteer shifts are no longer than 4/5 hours. If the shifts are longer, you must provide volunteers with at least a 30 minute break
  • Adelaide University Union agrees to share and promote your volunteer opportunity through our volunteer database and digital platforms. After providing volunteers and their contact details, organisations must agree to manage volunteers by communicating a schedule and any other necessary details, including answering volunteers’ questions


Communication with Volunteers

  • In your communications with volunteers you must copy in the AUU Volunteer Coordinator and let them know the following: 
  1. Any qualifications that you require from them
  2. Who is the key contact person and their mobile number (provide a headshot of the person if needed)
  3. Exact meeting point on the day (provide maps if needed)
  4. What to bring and what not to bring
  5. Expected attire, if there is one (e.g. closed in shoes)
  6. Any other information you want volunteers to know


After the Event

  • You must agree to sign and comment on individual volunteer’s performance on a Feedback Form (click here to view the form) after the event, so each volunteers’ hours can be recorded with Adelaide University Union.