How can I find out about upcoming events?

Happy to look them up yourself? The Union posts events on our website, Facebook and puts posters up around campus.
Want the news to come to you? Never miss out on events or awesome competitions and sign up to our newsletter or like us on Facebook.

How do I get involved?

Volunteering is the best way to get a foot in the door with events on campus. Check out the volunteering program here.

I have a great idea for an event. Who do I tell?

Brilliant! Students creating events for students is what we’re all about. Email the Union at auu@adelaide.edu.au or leave a message on our Facebook page.

I have a question about an event, who do I ask?

Hop on to our Facebook page and leave a message and our team will get right back to you as soon as possible!

Who can attend AUU Events?

Union events are open to all students, and while the events are designed for University of Adelaide students we love it when you bring your friends too. Being a Union member will often give you access to special giveaways and freebies. Most of our events are free, however a few have a door charge and this is when your Union membership can save you dollars or get you that extra special VIP treatment.